Now I’m Here

If you’re not familiar with Drake’s most annoying song “Started from the Bottom”, then I don’t recommend listening to it.  You will hate it and it will get stuck in your head.  I was overwhelmed with my desire to smash the speakers when I first heard it and 9 months later it is still in my head.  My wife and I toyed with the idea of creating a video (which would surely go viral) of a parody entitled “Started in the Belly”.  The video would feature our son, Carter, and flashbacks to my giant belly.  We worked out fantastic lyrics and had all our ideas for filming and then abandoned the project for two reasons:
1) I hated myself for even coming close to doing anything with that song
2) We have no video filming or editing experience and it seemed far too daunting with an infant
I guess you could mostly just say it was laziness.

None of this changes the fact that our son did indeed start in the belly and now he is here.  I figured it was a reasonable place to start my blog.  I haven’t blogged in a while with my last miserable attempt going no where but I think i’m ready to start anew.  The major reason I’m feeling compelled to start blogging are that my memory is failing me on a regular basis since pregnancy and I really want to keep track of everything wonderful and terrible to remind myself and to share with people, including Carter.  I start back at work in less than two weeks and my time with an awake child will be pretty minimal, I think that if I take some of my time when he is sleeping to recap our time together it will serve as equally important.  I also want to take time to think back on what has led us to where we are now.

photo (5)hipsterbaby


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