I am feeling a sense of hope that I had lost. I’m excited for outdoor time and longer days. I’m ready for less layers and less laundry.



5 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. I can’t wait until we don’t have to bundle ourselves and the kids up in a million layers just to feel like we’re not dying when we step foot outside. Warm weather cannot get here fast enough!

    • Dylan has pretty much a full wardrobe of hand me downs with the exception of a few plain shirts (because that’s what I prefer). Carter has started getting new clothes but his wardrobe is pretty small and he for sure knows what he likes.

  2. We’ve had over a week of decently warm weather here in Michigan. Hopefully you all get it next! Usually we get one warm up like this but only a few days, and then more snow and freezing. If it freezes again, all these plants that started growing will die 😦

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