Life has been busy lately, filled with both good and not so good things.

  • Kids are growing constantly and fabulously. I can’t keep up with the growth some days and clothes that they’ve been wearing all winter are suddenly too snug. It appears that you stop getting hand-me downs around 3t. This is probably okay considering Carter has a very particular style that wouldn’t align with most hand-me downs. He went through a 2 week phase where he wouldn’t wear any pants with a zipper but still refused to wear sweatpants (what the hell kid?). Dylan wears jeans almost everyday. Anytime I suggest something other than jeans she revolts. These guys don’t understand that this may be the only time in their lives that it is socially appropriate to wear the comfiest clothes you own absolutely anywhere.  
  • We’ve been vegetarian for over 6 months now and I’ve been mostly dairy free for almost 4 months. The only time I feel like it impacts me is when I’m somewhere with limited food options (obviously). Kid’s don’t seem to mind though Carter insists on “meat” on his pizza. They eat the fake cheese on occasion. They eat whatever food they want when they aren’t at home. I don’t want to dictate their diet. We do talk to them about the fact that we don’t eat meat or dairy but I don’t think they get it.   
  • Dylan has been talking a ton. She sings a lot of songs. She strings lots of words together. She can tell us about her day and she can can ask for what she wants. She still screams and when the answer is ‘no’ to something she often becomes inconsolable. Hopefully someday this passes.  
  • Carter is OBSESSED with karate. He really loves it. I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I brought him but man he is in love. He started at the beginning of March and he’s gone over 20 times. His balance and strength has developed so much in that time but that doesn’t compare to his confidence. He is a different person. He uses his words well. He voices his opinion. He is more comfortable walking into a new situation. It’s fairly mind blowing.    
  • We’ve been back outside after the long mild winter. The kids are playing in the alley and running around with friends. Carter has moved from riding his balance bike in the alley for fun to using it as a mode of transportation. He bikes everywhere. He bikes home from school each day which is well over a mile. Last Saturday we went to see baby lambs at the farm/park and he rode all the way there and back with some additional stops along the way. In total, he rode over 4 miles that day. I couldn’t believe it. It’s by far the fastest place to get anywhere with him.   

One thought on “Catch-up

  1. Sounds like the kiddos are doing great!
    Isn’t awesome to get to spend more time outside? I miss the outdoors so much during the winter. We still go out, but it’s really not the same. We should plan another blogger meet up soon.
    What balance bikes do your kids have? Sprout isn’t particularly inclined to start riding a two wheeler and I wonder if a balance bike might give her more confidence. Or, you know, she’ll just ignore it and stick the the push tricycle and/or stroller.

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