Did it, now I’m over it.

So Dylan was pretty much a potty user for a few weeks. It was wonderful. Diapers seemed like they would soon be a thing of the past. One day she came home from school and flat out refused to use the potty. When we told her that if she didn’t use the potty she would have to wear a diaper, which in the past had resulted in her rushing to the potty, she instead rushed to get a diaper and bring it to us.

We tried to work through it over that weekend and encouraged her and the likes but she just would not even sit on the potty. We let it go but for some reason she continued to use it at school.

This weekend she randomly decided to start using the potty again but over all who knows.

She’s a strong personality and it’s quite possible it just stopped being interesting to her.

While I very much would like to be done with diapers, it’s not something i’m going to push with her right now.


Any tips? Ideas?


One thought on “Did it, now I’m over it.

  1. I wish I had some sort of amazing advice for you. She’s likely just asserting control over her body and in her homelife, which sounds exactly like her personality. Hang in there! Don’t push it, and she will decide she wants to again. You could try an outside force such as “oops, that’s the last diaper. Guess after this one you have to use the potty.”

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