Notes from the babysitter

Daniela and I spent our first night away from the kids on Saturday night. We were attending an 80’s Prom Themed Birthday party out of the city and logistically it made the most sense to leave the kids home with someone so we did it. 


 We left around 2pm and they were taken care of and loved by Dylan’s God Mother until the babysitter could arrive a couple hours later. Dylan had just drifted off to sleep before we left and there was peace in the house with just the perfect amount of Carter excitement to share his toys and tell stories to someone he hadn’t seen in a while. He knew that we were going away for the night and that C would be staying over with him until we got home in the morning. My heart ached a bit and I wasn’t exactly excited for the party but I felt really ready for this night away. He barely acknowledged us as we were leaving and we didn’t hear much from them over night but coming home to happiness, hugs and adorable stories was so perfect.

I should clarify that these weren’t actually notes, just snippets of stories from our MAGNIFICENT babysitter.

At dinner time:
“C, come over and I’ll show you how to feed Coco in case you need to do it by yourself.”

At teeth brushing time she felt they’d done a sufficient job and told them to go hop in bed.
“NO! We need to brush my molars and my tongue before I can go to bed.”

In the morning after reading a couple books in bed while Dylan slept in a bit unprompted Carter said:
“We need to take Coco out to pee now. She’s been waiting so patiently.”

Both kids ate all their broccoli, played outside, read books, fell asleep peacefully by 8pm and then slept through the night. They were somewhere right around dream children.  

We got home around 10:30am and everyone was still in their pyjamas having a dance party and playing in the living room. They excitedly squealed when they saw us and wrapped their arms around us. They were thrilled with the balloons we brought home from the party.

As C walked down the alleyway leaving our house Dylan sobbed at the window waving and yelling “byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee.”

It was a successful experience both in terms of them being without us but also in terms of giving us a little break. It likely won’t happen again for a long time but I’m so glad to know that it can happen. This week feels fresh, like a reset button has been pressed.



3 thoughts on “Notes from the babysitter

  1. Glad it all went smoothly and that you guys got a bit of time away! We haven’t left our kid with anyone yet – it’s nice to know that someday that’ll be more possible.

    Also – your outfits are awesome.

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