22 Months Old – Dylan

Size – Huge. I have no clue of actual stats but I would not be surprised by 29lbs and 34″. I really need to check but she never stops moving. She wears almost all 2T these days and she has a size 6 foot (though she insists on wearing size 7 blundstones). She’s bigger than some of the kids in the pre-school class. She’s a tough cookie with strong body awareness.  Sleeping – Sleep is still hit or miss with this kid. She goes to sleep easier now since we decided to take the recommendation of giving her melatonin at bedtime. She had been so overtired and miserable and as soon as we started doing this her language exploded and her hair started growing. It was shocking. Sleeping through the night is still a rarity but I think that there are usually less wake ups. They are still sharing a bed and are happy with it but I’ve been thinking about moving them into separate beds at some point soon. We’ll see though.   Teeth –16 wonderful teeth and her first dentist appointment coming up. She is more resistant to help with brushing than Carter is but overall I’m not too concerned.
Eating – Still an awesome at eating all sorts of things but is without a doubt eating less these days. She used to eat multiple servings and she mostly only eats one now. She is excited to move onto the next thing whether it’s going outside, going to read books, playing, etc. Her favourite foods are chipsies (rice cakes), yogurt, booboogapes (blueberries or grapes), cereal, green beans, broccoli and chick peas.Talking – We have mini sentences, lots of chattering, answering questions and just awesomeness. She can tell me what she had for lunch (Carter usually confirms this) and she will tell me what she did during the day. At night I ask her for her highlight and lowlight of the day. Yesterday her highlight was just “Sharon” and I said back to her “You liked seeing our neighbour Sharon?” which she confirmed. Her lowlight was “Fell, hurt hand.” She is able to paint a decent picture of what she thinks about things which is so amazing. Carter is great about talking to her and trying to understand her and I think this really helps her feel confident speaking. She sings all the time, she recites Carter’s karate pledge.Playing/Strength – Dylan can ride a tricycle. She rides it on her own. It’s not fast but she can do it. This is amazing to me. Carter started riding it when he was a little over two. He had longer legs at that point and I was still amazed. Dylan just has sheer willpower. She rides a scooter. She rides pretty slowly on a balance bike with very limited balancing. she climbs. She hangs. She jumps. She is a built kid. 
Dylan has gone from a constant energy drain to an energizer. Her excitement for everything is contagious. She is independent and curious. She loves going to playgrounds and navigating new elements. She is intelligent and strong-willed. She copies everything Carter does (good and bad). She LOVES to be outside. She has her own sense of style that feels pretty 90s lesbian/punk to me which is hilarious. She seems older than she is based both on her size and her attitude. I often forget that she isn’t even 2 yet. She loves people fiercely, gives strong hugs, and asks for the people she misses.

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