MicroBlog Monday: Baby Wearing

I started wearing both my kids the weeks that they were born. I wore Carter first in a Maman Kangaroo (which has travelled around and will soon be heading to Mama ed Maman. We also had an Onya Baby Carrier and an Ergo that got a lot of love from us with him. The Onya was Daniela’s carrier of choice until recently because it’s lightweight/breathable, always looks new and fit her perfectly. We wore out our hand-me-down ergo with Carter spending hours each day in it as that was where he preferred to nap. Towards the end of my pregnancy with Dylan the waistband started to bother me so I got a Storchenweig woven wrap from a tag sale that was brand new. This carrier was my love. It allowed me to do comfortable back carries with Carter who still very much needed that time close to me and then it because my newborn carrier of choice with Dylan as it held her securely against me while I chased after Carter.


Eeek! Baby Carter

IMG_0550 IMG_2931 IMG_3250

Other's wearing your babies feels pretty awesome too.

Other’s wearing your babies feels pretty awesome too.

Somewhere around the end of the newborn phase I became carrier obsessed. I got my first sakura bloom ring sling which I adored with Dylan. It was quick and easy and held her securely in a belly to belly position while she was still too small for the structured carriers I had. It was linen and light weight in the heat of the late summer. I traded my size 6 woven wrap for a size 4 (of the same kind). I ordered a Tula (that i sold pretty much immediately). I got a gauze wrap. I got an inexpensive mei tai. I ordered both sizes of the LennyLamb structured carriers. I got a kinderpack. A lot of carriers I’ve gotten and then sold pretty shortly after (no other baby items retain their value like a carrier right now). Some I traded for other options and some I’ve kept to pass on to other people or because I’m still using them.

I’ve tried so many styles and types of carriers. I’ve tried many brands and fabrics.

I got out of hand. I’ll admit it.

At the end of the day though, it’s been so important to me to have babywearing as an option. I have my go-to carriers and I use them almost daily. Dylan often opens the drawer, picks out a carrier and brings it over to me. When Carter is upset or tired he will whine to me that he needs the carriers. And he does. We both do. We need those moments of closeness while we are getting done the things we need to get done.

Our current stash is:

Red Size 2 Storchenweig Leo
Blue Size 4 Storchenweig Leo
Blue/Green Size 5 Wrapsody Bali Breeze Gauze Wrap
Infantino Mei Tai
EasyCare Rainbow Ringsling
A Toddler Carrier I made (but don’t love the fit for me and don’t use)

And I have an Onbu on the way

Maybe this would have been better as a non-micro entry. I have so much more to say.


Carrying Two


At 16 weeks I’m still carrying my little dude belly to belly in our Onya carrier.  It’s my favourite part of the day when I pick him up for daycare and we walk the mile and a half home.  Some days he is quiet and rests his head against me for most of the walk.  Some days he babbles and as I recite the ABCs and tries his best usually with A, B, O, P, D.  I love when he looks up at me and I can kiss his forehead and see his smile.  The arrangement means I can have my backpack on my back with his diapers from the day and all my work paraphernalia.  This has allowed me to not deal with stroller on the icy and snowy sidewalks.

I’m starting to feel that the end is near.  As I hold him my belly presses into him.  With the round ligament pain (totally forgot about this) it’s getting a bit uncomfortable and I imagine it’s going to get less comfortable for him.  I’m going to push it for as long as possible because it’s really the easiest way to get my boy home from daycare but I’m going to have to enjoy every day of it like it might be the b