12 Months Old aka 1 Year Old!!!

Size – 22lbs and 30″. She grew over 2″ since her 9 month appointment and it’s evident. She is mostly still in 12 Month clothes comfortably but some larger clothes just because I like them. Last month I said that Dylan was not a Peanut but sometimes she really appears to be.

Sleeping – We haven’t seen any improvement in this area. I keep telling myself it’s just a phase but I fear it is not. She might always be a challenging kid to get to sleep. Mostly we let her do what she wants until she starts rubbing her eyes and then we rock her and play mariah carey (daniela’s gotten her hooked on it) and she fusses and cries until she sleeps. MOST nights she sleeps pretty well but comes into our bed at some point. She takes pretty good naps in a carrier or in the car but we’ve stopped trying anywhere else because we just haven’t been home during nap times lately. She starts daycare in 2 weeks and they can figure it out then.

Teeth – 8 lovely teeth and I’m going to guess she is teething right now but I could be wrong. She is tossing and turning and fussing in her sleep and extra bitey during the day.

Eating – Still a good eater but has become very clear about knowing what she wants to eat. She likes to pick her food and she wants to try anything you are eating. She loves tomatoes, apples, bananas, chick peas and ice cream. She thoroughly enjoyed her birthday cupcake and her birthday cake.


Talking – Words she has said: Carter (Tah-Tah), Coco (Ka-Ka), Banana, Mama, Papa, Tickle, Silly, hi and bye.
It seems like the perfect list for her. All the important people (except for nani).

Playing/Strength – She looks too young and tiny to move like she does to me. She climbs so well up the climbing walls at the playground. She runs excitedly into the wading pools. She is working on getting up and down a single step with no hands but isn’t there yet. She has started to play with some toys properly. We got her a kitchen for her birthday and two shopping carts. She copies what Carter does and puts her toy food into the shopping cart, pushing it around. She opens and closes the cabinets and plays with the little sink. She plays with Carter’s cars making a motor noise as she pushes them around. She has finally started playing with books which makes me so happy. She sits and flips through alphabet books. Occasionally she will bring you a book to read to her but usually only gets through a few pages before she is up and on the move again. She LOVES to be in a carrier. She brings you carriers when it’s time and if you ask her to wait she tries to wrap herself while throwing a tantrum. Carter never showed much attachment to being carried as a baby but its evident that it is so important to Dylan.

Dylan has started kissing. She leans in and kisses you and then pulls back and giggles. It’s perhaps the sweetest thing ever.

This has been a wonderful year of getting to know such a wonderful kid. She is so full of excitement and curiosity. She is playful and giggly. She is stubborn and knows what she wants. She is social and a bit rough. Overall she is just wonderful and we love having her in our family!


The big 1.

At 3:48am my son officially turned one.  


So much has happened in the past week.  

-Carter started daycare and did far better than we could have expected.
-Carter picked up germs at daycare and got far more sick than we could have expected.
-We had to cancel Carter’s little bday get together with our adult friends so that we could just focus on the boy and nurse him back to health.  In the end I think this was better for all of us.  We really needed time together after the week we had had and he needed to be able to be extra needy/clingy/tired/fussy.
-Carter, after no interest in standing or walking for months, took his first steps.

That last one is pretty major and I’m still in shock.  We’ve been trying to get him to stand unassisted for months and he just wouldn’t for any longer than a couple seconds.  Yesterday my friend put him into standing position and he stood and my wife called him over to her and so he just walked to her.  Just like that.  I should add that he fell over after a few steps and never did more than about 6 steps at a time all night before tumbling but he is showing interest.  He is excited about it.  It’s such a major milestone.  I love that it happened the day before his birthday because it makes me feel like he is a procrastinator.  If this is true, he will drive me mental but we will have lots in common.

Today, I no longer have a baby.  I have a toddler.  This would be far more bittersweet if I didn’t have a babe on the way.  Now I can focus on the excitement of having a toddler.