Starting solids was disappointing for us.  As we edged up to the 6 month mark we were discussing what foods we would start with and what our plan would be.  We had a Baby Bullet ready to go and a book all about healthy foods for babies.  Around 5 months Carter started watching us with envy as we ate and then he started reaching out trying to grab it.  I guess it was par for the course.  He would chew on celery stalks and cucumber when he was teething and loved it so we thought for sure food was going to be a big hit!  We were visiting my family in Connecticut when he turned 6 months so we had decided we would hold off until we returned home before we introduced solids but he was getting so worked up about it we gave in and ran out for a butternut squash.  It was a major flop.

We tried tons of pureed food and there was not a single thing he liked but if i handed him a chunk he’d be content for a while.  And so we entered unintentional baby led weaning.  We still haven’t progressed much in the last 2 months except with bread.  He hasn’t shown a great love or excitement for any particular food except bread which he shrieks about when we take it away from him.


Baby led weaning with a super clumsy baby is pretty difficult and very, very messy.  In the interest of actually getting some food into his mouth I’ve been trying to spoon feed him a bit of chopped up food and he’s done alright with lentils and bananas but everything else hasn’t amounted to much.  Tonight, I was making a dish with black beans and decided to try giving him some beans without much hope.  Much to my amazement, my little boy loves black beans.  He had seconds and then thirds and was so excited about them!  Carter has some really great qualities; he is really cute (I’m biased) and he has really strong legs and he’s a big healthy boy.  Other than that he is a little behind from what I can tell and personality-wise, he’s pretty unimpressed with everything.  He’s never shown extreme happiness unless I am directly playing with him but tonight, a giggle came out while eating.  He smiled and squealed while eating his silly black beans.  I never would’ve guess that.

One of the cutest parts was when a bean fell on his tray and he couldn’t pick it up without a pincer grasp (which he lacks) so he just bent over with his lips pursed trying to suck it up.


After a trying day with a very clingy son, I’m so happy to have tucked an adorably content, well fed child into bed.