On the move

Carter has begun to move around and each day he gets a little more confident and a little faster. He crawls like I swim…without using legs. This has for to be one of the least efficient ways of doing both these things. I hope, for his sake, he grows out of it because I don’t think I ever will.

Right now the things he is after are all electronics. He loves my iPhone as most babies do. He is fanatical about the remote and the wiimote and any wires he can find. I feel like I’m encouraging his obsession by putting my phone just out of his reach. Yesterday, for the first time, he went after one of his own toys. He inch-wormed along and reached out for his ball only to push it further away. I thought for sure he would get frustrated and start to cry as he so often does but instead he just kept going! Win!
And now we face the daunting realization that baby proofing must be done. We live in a house with far too many stairs and plenty of things right at baby level (knitting needles) that will now have to find new homes. Daniela has an awful habit of of leaving change everywhere and I found him with a dime clenched in his little hand yesterday. This will be fun. All fear aside, I’m so proud of him and so happy for him that he has more independence.