Because it was too easy…

…he got a stomach bug. My son who has held his poop for hours in the past so that in the past year he has pooped in his diaper exactly once since his first birthday has pooped in his undies three times in the last 24 hours. We thought the first time was a fluke, so we put him back in undies. After that we put him in a pull up and he got him self to the potty the next two times. This morning he seemed okay so we went back to undies…was not okay.
Blegh. Happy weekend. Hope yours is less shitty than ours.



The Potty

Carter has had a potty since he was about 9 months old. He poops on his potty only. He can hold his poo if he is anywhere else until he gets to it. This makes diapers not so bad. While I would like him out of diapers completely I have not felt like he was ready. He pees ALL THE TIME. We once tried potty training for all of 3 hours before throwing in the towel.
I decided he would let me know when he was ready.
Thursday he asked to use the potty at school. On a whim I told Daniela to go for it and put him in undies after nap and get him on the potty regularly. He went with it. He’s been really good about sticking to the potty since then. We’ve had some accidents but he has really committed to the idea that he is a potty user.
I am however concerned that he doesn’t really know when peeing is imminent. As long as I get him to the potty every half hour he tries to pee and usually goes but the couple accidents he’s had today were in-between pee times. As soon as he did it he of course announced he had peed on the floor and that he is supposed to pee in potty. Any insight/advice?
I’m super proud of him.