7 Months



7 Months seems like a huge milestone.  So far, so good.  

Baby girl is breech which is feeling a bit uncomfortable with her head right below by ribs but she has time to flip.

I’m starting to feel exhausted and my body itself feels tired.  I’m trying to stay active but i find myself really just wanting to rest a lot and getting worn out on the walk home with Carter.  I think I will blame this a bit on how big he is getting!

My belly is growing but i didn’t gain any weight this month.  I actually lost a bit thanks to continuing to eat healthier so I’m at about 14-15lbs of weight gain.  Healthy eating is great and all but I’m feeling pretty done with it.  It’s more work and i just want pizza.

I love how much she moves and I love how much Carter adores my belly.  He calls me over while he is eating at the table and will just put his hand on it for a while and say “belly” over and over again as he pets me.  The other night he was eating dinner and I looked over to see him offering chicken to his own belly (shirt pulled up and all).  When I asked what he was doing he said “baby”.  I don’t get it, I don’t know where this stuff comes from but it’s amazingly adorable.


6 Months



I cannot believe I’ve already reached 6 months.

Third trimester officially begins next week I think but this certainly feels like the homestretch.

Work is hectic to try to get things squared away before my leave begins in just 2.5 months.

The house needs work done so that we are prepared and sorted for little girl.

Overall, I still feel awesome. I’ve upped my weight gain to 16lbs total.  I’m trying to control my sugar intake right now because it was getting out of control.  I didn’t have any problems with my sugars last pregnancy but maybe the rumours about being pregnant with a girl and craving candy are true.  I got to a point where I had a stash of candy in my drawer and I was eating any sweet thing that crossed my path.  I’m on day 5 of limiting my sugars and so far, so good.  I thought it would be much harder on me because I know sugar is addictive but I’m actually feeling pretty alright.  I don’t care much about how much weight gain during a pregnancy but I guess I have it in my head that I would like to keep the same max as I had with Carter which was about under 35lbs.

I’ve been dealing with a series of sharp pains near my left hipbone for almost a week now.  I’ve seen 4 medical professionals and no one is quite sure what it is.  I’m waiting for cultures to come back to see if there is any kind of infection (my number one reason for quitting sugar) but there seems to be no progression so infection isn’t very likely.  I was scared it was kidney stones as I had them last time I was pregnant but it seems as though I’ve been spared so far. I’m confident that babe is fine as she is buzzing around.

I did not take many photos of my belly the first time around so I don’t know how belly size is progressing but I’m feeling quite pregnant and round.  




Always looking out the window.

I’m not sure why it’s been so hard for me to write lately.  I keep clicking on “new post” and then not writing anything.  

There is really no reason for this.  Everything is pretty awesome and there is lots to write about.



Don’t Mind the Drool.

Carter is growing and changing every day.  He is incredible amounts of fun and curiosity.  He is a full-on walker now and opts for it over crawling.  This is a huge step after he was showing no interest in learning.  I’m impressed with the number of falls he has that he quickly gets back up from with just an “uh oh” muttered.  He loves playing outside and he loves his dog.

He is talking constantly and picking up new words every day.  He still uses his signing when he is sleepy and when I ask him to but for the most part he is just talking up a storm.  For the past few weeks we have been trying to figure out what he is calling the cats because he points at them and says “baaa”.  At first we thought maybe he was calling them baby but he says “baby” perfectly fine.  This past weekend he got a little more clear and it would appear that he is saying “Bad”.  This is hilarious to me.  

If you ask him where the baby is he will proudly lift his shirt and show you his belly.  I had feared this would ultimately mean he didn’t know what a baby is but he has been pointing at pictures of babies and seeing a few in person and referring to them correctly. Phew!

Baby Girl:

We are at 25 weeks now.  I don’t know where the time went.  She moves constantly.  I feel like I have a hamster running on a wheel in my belly. Everything seems fine so far.  I saw the midwife last week and Carter got to listen to her heartbeat.  I think my heart melted into a giant puddle as he listened intently.  


Listening to the heartbeat.

We got into the Toronto Birth Centre which is very exciting news but my midwife warned us that based on my last delivery there is a good chance I won’t be getting anywhere once I’m in labour so we are planning for a “wherever I am birth” and Daniela will need to be prepared to catch the baby if necessary.  I’m hopeful this will be a more traditional labour and we will have a little more time.  Only time will tell.


Baby belly at 24 weeks.



I can’t believe I have less than three months left of work before I’m on leave again (likely for about 8 months).  I’m so excited to be home with Carter again although I’ll admit I’m getting a bit nervous about how terrifying it might actually be.  Carter will be at pre-school 3 hours a day but other than that it will be me and the two of them for a lot of hours!

Daniela’s schedule is still up in the air but I fear for how she is going to function with crazy work hours, a long commute and lots of noise at home.

None-the-less, I’m so excited to meet this little one!

4 Months

I’m painfully exhausted. That is the biggest thing to report. I get a great night of sleep and then feel exhausted 3 hours after waking up. I’ve started to feel quite a bit of movement which is a few weeks earlier than I did with Carter. I’ve also been having little muscle twitches in my abdomen.

My boobs are sore. I do not remember this being such a constant feeling last time but that could just be a failed memory. My belly is bigger although I’ve gained less than 5lbs which is wild to me. I’m attributing it to bring more active than last time because it is for sure not because of my eating.
We have an ultrasound in about a week and a half and I assume the will confirm my feelings that we are getting another little boy! Daniela is holding out hope for a girl though.

I’m not uncomfortable at all yet. I had a massage the other day and spent a full hour lying on my stomach. I couldn’t do that at 10 weeks pregnant the first time around!

I can’t wait until the kicks are stronger.


1 Month


2 Months


3 Months


4 Months

I think this is my final month of wearing this shirt for a photo unless I want them to start getting ridiculous.

When you least expect it.

When you’re trying to get pregnant and having no luck, people love to say “it’ll happen when you least expect it.”  I usually didn’t entertain these with the discussion that it would be a pretty difficult discussion with my wife if I were to get pregnant without trying.  I just found myself annoyed all the time with people.  Part of me needed to talk about everything and part of me was sick of talking about it.

We started trying to make a baby in January 2011.  Over the course of 12 months we did 4 medicated cycles of IUI with sperm-bank sperm, 1 unmedicated cycle of IUI with sperm-bank sperm, 1 round of IVF with sperm-bank sperm and then our friend called me.  “I think I know someone.”

We had wanted to use an unknown/known fresh donor before we got started.  We had asked a few guys we knew that had at one point or another said they would be interested in donating to us.  While all the guys were initially for it, after discussions and consideration they decided they weren’t comfortable with it.  After being a 4-time egg donor I was sure Karma would get me back but that didn’t seem to be the case.  We asked all our friends if they knew anyone who would do it either as a known donor or anonymously with a third-party picking up and delivering.  Lots of friends were sure they knew someone who would.  No one did.

After the failed IVF cycle I was deflated.  I had such little hope.  When my friend called saying she think she knew someone I wasn’t even close to optimistic.  I was sure it wouldn’t come to fruition.  But she was insistent that he was up for it.  I gave her my non-identifying email address and he emailed me from an emailed from an account with the name Jahn Dough.  I appreciated the humour.  His emails were thoughtful, he asked good questions, he was comfortable with what we were looking for and we had a great character reference from our friend.  We decided to go for it.

Our first insemination was on Monday, February 20th.  He pointed out how fitting it was because it was Family Day (Provincial Holiday in Ontario).  I wasn’t super hopeful but I was excited.

No luck the first month.  We tried twice during the next cycle. No luck.

The third cycle we had two booked.  I was using ovulation test strips that weren’t really showing anything but we went ahead with it.  2 days after the second insemination I decided to use a strip again and it came back positive (really late ovulation).  I emailed donor dude and asked him if he happened to be free that night.  He said sure and our friend went to pick it up that night.

A few days later there was pain.  No, not implantation cramping (if that really exists).  It was jaw pain.  I thought maybe i had pulled a muscle in my neck that was pinching a nerve running into my jaw.  Someone asked me about my wisdom teeth and I proudly said they had plenty of room.  I went to my phsyiotherapist and got acupuncture. No help.  I went to my massage therapist the next day in even more pain and she did inter-oral massage.  No help.  I took muscle relaxers and I tried to wait it out.  I made it less then 48 hours and I finally realized there was a chance it was a tooth issue.  I called my dentist crying (literally).  She squeezed me into her lunch hour (if you want a recommendation of a dentist in toronto, I’ve got one).  She took a look and then did some x-rays.  My wisdom tooth broke at the root.  It had to come out.  She told me to just get them all done because while there was room, they would likely all end up having issues.  

I was referred to an emergency oral surgeon and I ran directly there.  He did more x-rays and he told me there was no way he was taking them out without putting me under which meant he couldn’t do it that day and he had no time for me the next day.  Two more days of extreme pain.  He gave me a prescription for tylenol with codeine.  It didn’t work well but offered some relief so I went ahead and took it.  

I went in for the wisdom tooth removal on a Friday morning.  It was two days before my expected day 1 and I knew they would ask “is there any chance you’re pregnant” so I took a test before going in.  Negative. No surprise there.

I got put under had them ripped out and felt instant relief.  In my drugged up state I was apparently crying and telling Daniela that she would be beautiful pregnant and it was okay if she started trying.  

I felt like I had lost a week of my life with all that pain and I had fallen behind at work.  I didn’t get my period when I expected to and I thought nothing of it because I figured maybe drugs would effect that.  I had a little bit of spotting on my day 2 so I thought it was coming.  It wasn’t.  I grew frustrated that it wasn’t coming because I wanted to try again and I hated the delay.

By the time I was 4 days late my pants were tighter then they should have been.  I was blotted and my period hadn’t even started yet! Gah!

I mentioned my frustration to our roommate at the time and she told me I should just take a test.

It was the faintest positive I had ever seen.  I didn’t even think it counted.

Later that day after a run with Daniela she told me to use one of the better tests.  It was a faint positive but a little less faint then the last.  I didn’t even get my hopes up surprisingly but we decided we would run to the fertility clinic that we had previously used the next morning and see if they would do a blood test.

Sure enough I was pregnant.

I guess even in my case it can happen when you least expect it.