Sometimes I can’t keep up with myself.

It’s been a wild few weeks.

Taking on a new job so soon after returning to work was something I was feeling great about and I really am still happy that I did it but I’m exhausted.  I love using skills that have been lying dormant in my toolbox of competencies for so long.  I love all the reading and I love that people are interested in what I have to say.  I am however, exhausted.  I think about work a lot and I spend time after I get Carter tucked into bed trying to get ahead before the next day (or really, trying to catch up).  My time for blogging has been so minimal, but so much has happened.  I guess this will just have to be my recap.

Carter’s First Halloween:

Carter celebrated his first halloween with his favourite girl.  Daniela and I had intentions of having him as a raccoon and we would be a green (compost) bin and a garbage bag.  In the end, we had a raccoon with two regular human moms.  Good enough.  Violet was a mouse which was most appropriate.  We tortured them through a photo shoot earlier in the month when it was a little warmer and the leaves were beautiful.  Carter was not really interested in participating and complained to Violet about the whole deal.


Looking like two little old women.

After a few hundred photos we gave them a bit of a chance to just hang out and stand up, which is all they really wanted to do and despite being placed further apart Carter moved closer to Violet and she turned into him to create the worlds cutest picture.


Just a moment to themselves.


I had no interest elimination communication.  I thought it was ridiculous and a waste of time.  Our neighbour who has a three year old son has been overly generous in giving us all the hand-me-downs.  When her son finished potty training this summer he told her they should give Carter his potties because he is a baby.  My neighbour was a little embarrassed to pass them along but asked if I would mind if they could do it symbolically if we didn’t want them.  Well that was just silly, of course we took them.  I am all about hand-me-downs on most things!  Well, Carter was showing that he understood what “tinkle” was each night when I was telling him to tinkle as he was getting out of the tub.  I thought I would bring up a potty just for him to get used to and the first time I put him on it I told him to tinkle and sure enough he did.  A couple days of that and he poo’d as well.  He goes almost immediately when we put him on and it’s nice to have just a few less dirty diapers to deal with.  I have no interest in him being potty trained this early but when it’s easy, it’s great to let him figure it out.

photo (5)

Light reading.


This was by far the worst weekend we’ve had in a while although when I look back on it it was really just some tough periods of it.  We had some really great moments too.  His molars are working their way through and he goes through episodes where he can’t stop screaming.  He clutches at his face.  He wiggles and yells while we hold him and shrieks when we put him down.  He won’t let anything near his mouth and it’s just terrible.  He couldn’t sleep Saturday night and was up until almost 1am.  I had been very concerned about day-lights saving but that was apparently a naive worry.  Yesterday afternoon there was just nothing we could do to make him feel better.

photo (7)

I should clarify that he is covered in beet juice here.


Carter loves food.  He eats more than I do.  He has decided he is pretty much over bottles.  He has one before bed and occasionally he has one during the day.  I was a little concerned about it but the doctor and the naturopath both said that as long as we are giving him a balanced diet it’s okay.  It’s a lot of fun to see him enjoy food and I find that I’m doing a much better job of meal planning for Daniela and I when I also have to make sure that I have food for him.  I love giving him new things and seeing him choose what he would like to eat from the options on his tray.  His favourite snack is roasted seaweed and he will never turn down oranges.


In September Carter got fifth disease which is a pretty boring virus with a fever for a few days and a rash that he didn’t seem bothered by but looked pretty gross.  The rash has been sticking around and he’s had dry scaly red cheeks that wouldn’t go away.  I asked the doctor the other day at his 9 month appointment and she said I need to stop bathing him everyday (She said I should only do once a week for now).  This was heartbreaking.  There is nothing better than bath time.  I stuck to it and we are seeing a lot of improvement but I miss the time that he is so happy.   I miss splashing with him while he giggles.  Last night after the brutal teething afternoon (and beet juice) I decided he deserved a bath.  It was the most peaceful part of the day.  He babbled on and played with his toys and laughed as I poured water over his head.  I’ll try to continue to cut back but I think they are necessary on the hard days.

photo (8)Me Time

I went out on Saturday night to a friend’s house party.  I haven’t been out for an event without Daniela or Carter since he was born.  I wasn’t all that excited about going and kind of just wanted to relax but I knew I should go.  It proved itself to be a good choice both because Carter screamed the whole time and because I had a really good time with some coworkers.  It was nice to be myself in a social situation and not have any distractions.  I think we all need a little time to regroup.




I don’t know if the Molars are actually worse or if it’s a combination of the fact that Carter was sleeping better before these teeth and that I’m now back at work but I’ve never felt exhaustion like this before.  I’m having a lot of trouble functioning.  He is in pretty good spirits through the day but at night he is just a wreck.  My heart hurts for him but it also hurts for myself and my wife.  I would love a solid night sleep.  I would love to wake up feeling refreshed.  Nothing seems to ease his pain.  He is trying so hard to sleep and not having any luck with it.

All this aside, I had a fantastic weekend with my loves.  Time with Carter and Daniela means the world to me.  I’m so glad we are surrounded by such amazing friends.